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Edmund Ruos


Edmund Ruos spent his childhood on an apple farm in Delaware until he joined the United States Air Force in late 1951. He recounts his training in communications and time spent in Alaska at a remote radar site. He acknowledges Korea’s advancements after the war and describes the appreciation from Koreans given to him after his service. He shares his thoughts on how service in the military impacted his life, including the advantages of the G.I. Bill. Edmund Ruos explains that he is proud to have served during the Korean War.

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Reason for Joining the Air Force

Edmund Ruos shares that he learned more about Korea after joining the Air Force in 1951. He explains that he joined after his older brother urged him to so he could select which branch he wanted to serve in rather than the branch being chosen through the draft. He recounts that he wanted to serve as a bombardier and jokingly admits that he cheated on his eye exam in hopes of making the training but was later caught on the second exam. He explains that after basic training, he was assigned to communications school and then shipped to Alaska to assist with electronic repairs.

Tags: Basic training,Home front,Prior knowledge of Korea

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Service Duties

Edmund Ruos describes his experience and his duties as part of the communications crew during his time in the Air Force. He explains that the U.S. had radar sites along the West Coast during the war and that he was sent to Alaska to assist with the changing and cleanup of a new site. He shares that he asked to become part of the permanent party there, finishing out his service. He adds that his parents did not know where he was and had to contact Washington D.C. to find out.

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Post War

Edmund Ruos shares his post war thoughts on the state of Korea and its people. He describes his service and its impact on his life while acknowledging Korea's advancements since the war. He shares that he took advantage of the G.I. Bill and that he is proud to be a Korean War veteran.

Tags: G.I. Bill,Impressions of Korea,Modern Korea,Pride,South Koreans

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