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Edith Pavlischek


Edith Pavlischek, born January 30, 1928 in Glassport, Pennsylvania served in the US Army during the Korean War from 1952-1954. Growing up in Glassport, she aspired to become a medical doctor, but because of financial reasons she pursued nursing.  She describes her time in basic training and gives details about how she assisted the doctors as they performed surgeries on the troops serving in Korea. Her experiences in the war left a lasting impression on her and her family. She displayed remarkable courage and dedication during her time in Korea.



Video Clips

Women in Basic Training

This video clip describes the 6 weeks of basic training that Edith Pavlischek endured. She says it was bunch of "crap". In her own hilarious nature, she gives the details of Army life for women in basic training during the Korean War era.

Tags: Busan,Seoul,Basic training

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44th Mash Unit Korea

Edith Pavlischek discusses her role as an Army nurse. She talks about the MASH triage unit that was created to perform neurosurgical procedures on the front lines of the war. Edith Pavlischeck worked diligently every day to help the wounded soldiers and witnessed some devastating events during the War.

Tags: Fear,Front lines

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Letter to my Parents

Edith Pavlischek reads a letter that she wrote to her parents in July 1953 while she was serving as a nurse in the army. She describes the daily events of her interactions with the soldiers and doctors. She describes to her parents a recent trip that she took to Seoul while she was serving in the Korean War.

Tags: Seoul,Letters

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