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Ed Wuermser


Ed  Wuermser was born in February of 1932, graduated high school in 1951 and enlisted in December 1952 with the Army Security Agency. He had to agree to three years’ service to get into the Agency which he considered to be better than the infantry. He was in Korea from 1953-54 for sixteen months in Seoul. He was assigned to an education unit where he spent his time teaching troops and coordinating entertainment activities for the troops. He was there for eight months at the end of the war and then remained eight months after the front line troops left. He received his engineering degree on the GI bill in 1960.

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Job in Korea

Ed Wuermser did not enjoy his training for code intercept and wanted a new job upon arrival in Korea. With the help of a letter from his time in Ft. Devens, he was able to get a new job and a promotion as a Master Sergeant and Troop Information and Education Specialist.

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Proud of Korea

He says he deliberately wears his Korean Veteran's hat so that people will ask him about it. He likes to brag at how well the country has done changing from a feudal society to an advanced country in the past 200 years.

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