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Dwight Owen


Theo Dwight Owen was born in Lubbock, TX, on July 15, 1929. His family, which included 8 children, lived on a farm during the Great Depression, and he shares how fortunate his family was throughout that very challenging time in history. He expresses a desire to help others perhaps because of his upbringing and recounts quitting school in the 9th grade to join the Navy. He offers an account of his service years leading up to the Korean War, sharing where he was stationed and his duties, and adds that once he was out of the Navy, he joined the Marines Reserve. He recalls being sent to Korea in 1950 and describes landing on the beaches of Wolmido, remembering it as the worst night of his life. He recounts several of his experiences while in Korea and his correspondences with his mother and girlfriend back home. He is proud of his service and is happy to see South Korea doing well.

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Going to Korea

Dwight Owen recounts being told in late July of 1950 that he would be going to Korea soon. He states that he was part of the 1st Division Shore Party and describes the assignments he was given as part of that regiment. He recalls arriving in Kobe, Japan, on his way to Korea and experiencing a typhoon while docked there.

Tags: Basic training

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Landing in Korea

Dwight Owen describes landing on the beaches of Wolmido, near Inchon. He mentions the artillery used and his mission once he landed on the beach. He states that it was the worst night of his life and remembers questioning what he had gotten himself into.

Tags: 1950 Inchon Landing, 9/15-9/19,Incheon,Wolmido,Fear,Front lines

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Duties and Experiences out in the Field

Dwight Owen discusses leaving Wolmido and heading to North Korea, specifically Wonsan. He remembers crossing the Han River and being assigned to ridding the area of old dynamite due to leaking glycerin. He recounts running out of provisions, especially food, and living on rice for awhile from which he developed dysentery. He offers a description of the Wonsan he saw at the time.

Tags: Hangang (River),Incheon,Seoul,Wolmido,Wonsan,Food,North Koreans,Physical destruction,Weapons

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Letters Home

Dwight Owen discusses writing letters home to his girlfriend whom he married when he arrived home in August of 1951. He adds that his wife will not share the letters with anyone. He also speaks of his mother and how she must have been worried as not one but three of her sons were in the war at the same time.

Tags: Letters,Weapons,Women

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