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Douglas C. Fargo


Douglas C. Fargo was born in Lincoln Park, Michigan. He was the assistant manager of a supermarket in Lincoln Park before being drafted on April 11, 1944. He served in the  Army from April 1944 to November 1956 and was a World War II and Korean War Veteran. During World War II he received a Battlefield Commission as an Officer.  After arriving in Korean at Pusan, and was stationed at Heart Break ridge from November 5, 1951 to March 1952. He served in Korea with the US Army, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, as a 1st Lieutenant and as an Infantry Officer, he participated in the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge. Douglas C. Fargo received the National Defense Medal, Korean Service Medal, UN Service Medal, two Combat Infantry Badges, two Bronze Stars, and the Korean Presidential Citation. After returning to the United States, he returned to the job he had before starting the military service.

Video Clips

Heartbreak Ridge

Douglas C. Fargo talks about his assignment as a Platoon Leader on Heartbreak Ridge. He speaks about serving with South Korean soldiers and the soldiers he lost under his command. He also describes capturing North Korean soldiers during an attack and on patrol.

Tags: 1951 Battle of Heartbreak Ridge, 9/13-10/15/,Chuncheon,Communists,Front lines,North Koreans

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A Leaders View of Leadership

Douglas C. Fargo shares his happiest moment while serving. He also decribes his personal view of leadership.

Tags: Front lines,Pride

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Korean Maps

Douglas C. Fargo shares a historical map of Korea where each battle is shown.

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