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Domingo Pelliceer Febre


Domingo Pelliceer Febre, a native of Puerto Rico, enlisted in the Army in 1950 and served for fourteen years. He is very proud of his service in Korea, Germany, and Panama. He recalls his first impressions of Incheon when he arrived in 1950. He also describes what it was like to be on the frontlines as a Rifleman. Unfortunately, for the men that served, the living conditions were harsh. He explains what it was like having access to a limited water supply. Overall, he recounts the difficulties of the war, but how important they were in helping Korea modernize.

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Landing in Incheon

After taking a month to get to Korea, Domingo Pellicer Febre describes what it was like when they landed in Incheon. He talks about climbing down rope ladders to get off the ship. They then went to the train to take them to the front lines. He remembers how cold it was when they landed. However, he also recalls how friendly the Korean people were.

Tags: 1950 Inchon Landing, 9/15-9/19,Incheon,Seoul,Cold winters,Impressions of Korea

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Danger on the Frontlines

Domingo Pellicer Febre describes his experiences on the front lines. He shares that they would often be on patrol watching for the Chinese troops. During the attacks on the hills, there would often be mortar flying around. He also recounts a mishap he had with a hand grenade that almost cost him his life.

Tags: Chinese,Depression,Fear,Front lines,Physical destruction

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Lack of Water for Hygiene

Domingo Pellicer Febre explains how scarce water was on the frontlines. They were only able to shower once per month and brushing one's teeth was a luxury. While some of the hills had a water pipe, using it often meant making yourself a target for the Chinese who were watching.

Tags: Chinese,Fear,Front lines,Living conditions

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