Korean War Legacy Project

Dimitrios Matsoukas


Dimitrios Matsoukas shares stories of his brother, 1st Lt George Matsoukas, an army officer in the Greek Expeditionary Force. George Matsoukas arrived in Pusan in August of 1951 and commanded men in two major engagements on the Korean Peninsula. Dimitrios Matsoukas describes the battles and shares details of George Matsoukas’ sacrifice. Additionally, Dimitrios Matsoukas shares photos, correspondence and other memories that exemplify the rich legacy of his brother George Matsoukas and of all of the Greek heroes who bravely served in the Korean War.

Video Clips

Learning About Korea

Dimitrios Matsoukas describes George Matsoukas' knowledge of Korea prior to his service. His decision to fight in Korea inspired him to learn more.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,Prior knowledge of Korea

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Civil War in Greece

Dimitrios Matsoukas briefly describes the Greek Civil War and the parallels between fighting communism in Greece and the fight against communism in South Korea.

Tags: Chinese,Communists,South Koreans

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A Brother's Sacrifice

Dimitrios Matsoukas describes the two engagements in which his brother, George Matsoukas, fought.

Tags: Front lines,Personal Loss

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"I Die For Greece"

When asked how he knows of his brothers' Korean War experience, Dimitrios Matsoukas reads from "I Die For Greece." Dimitrios Matsoukas reads the story of the battle in which his brother gave his life.

Tags: Front lines,Personal Loss

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Photos from the Front

Dimitrios Matsoukas shares photos of George Matsoukas during the Korean War.

Tags: Front lines,Pride

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Remembering a Hero

Dimitrios Matsoukas shares a photo of himself and one of his sisters. In 2001, he and his sister participated in the Korea Revisit Program and found the name of their brother, George Matsoukas, inscribed on the Korean war Memorial wall in Seoul.

Tags: Seoul,Personal Loss,Pride

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Delivery Ship

Dimitrios Matsoukas shows a photo of the personnel ship that carried his brother, George Matsoukas, to the Korean Peninsula.

Tags: Living conditions,Pride

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Well-Deserved Recognition

Dimitrios Matsoukas shows a photo of the former UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon during a visit to Athens. During the visit, Greek heroes, who fought in the Korean War, were recognized by the UN General Secretary.

Tags: 1950 Inchon Landing, 9/15-9/19,Modern Korea,Pride

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Battle Map

Dimitrios Matsoukas shares a battle map of the hill on which his brother, George Matsoukas, gave his life.

Tags: Front lines,Personal Loss,Pride

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Dimitrios Matsoukas shares a newspaper article that shows his father and eldest sister standing over the repatriated coffin of their brother, George Matsoukas.

Tags: Personal Loss,Pride

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A Special Message

Dimitrios Matsoukas shares a special message of gratitude. He speaks of sacrifice and a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Tags: Message to Students,Pride

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Coincidences, Greece and Korea

Dimitrios Matsoukas shares several coincidences between Greece and Korea.

Tags: Message to Students,Pride

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