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David Carsten Randby


David Carsten Randby served as a Corporal in the Norwegian Army as an electrician. David Randby’s main task was keeping the generators operational for NORMASH. NORMASH is the Norwegian Mobile Army Surgical Hospital or field hospital during the Korean War. NORMASH was located on the frontline and David Randby had to even help with a surgical operation at one point. He is proud of his military service and earned multiple medals. He has revisited South Korea on four separate occasions and has personally met Republic of Korea President Moon Jae-in.

Video Clips

Electrician for NORMASH

David Randby served as an electrician for NORMASH. Electricity was important for a field hospital. The electrical equipment was very rudimentary and required skill to keep running. He kept the generators running in times of great need.

Tags: Dongducheon,Civilians,Front lines,Impressions of Korea,Pride,South Koreans

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Military Life

David Randby describes conditions in Dongducheon. He provides details about helping with surgery at one point due to the many actions at the front. He describes going on a trip from Dongducheon to Seoul and having to watch a video over how to act when out on leave.

Tags: Dongducheon,Seoul,Front lines,Pride,Rest and Relaxation (R&R),South Koreans

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Medals and President Moon Jae-in

David Randby describes the medals he earned for his service in the Korean War. He has personally met with President Moon Jae-in. President Moon Jae-in spoke with the veterans and reminded them that the North Korean leader is a dictator and South Korea is a democracy because of their actions.

Tags: Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Message to Students,Modern Korea,Pride,South Koreans

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