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Daniel M. Lopez


Daniel M. Lopez enlisted in the Marine Corps which landed him service in the Korean War. He recounts multiple experiences on the front lines, recalling his memories of dangerous battles and events. He recalls his actions one night on guard duty when he woke his sergeant and fellow soldiers just before an enemy attack. He also shares recollections of the capture and torture of an American sergeant, in tandem with his own capturing of an enemy soldier. He speaks highly of his service and expresses that he learned many life lessons while serving in the United States military.

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A Strange Sound in the Night

Daniel M. Lopez recounts a dangerous experience on guard duty. He remembers hearing a sound and waking his fellow soldiers and sergeant. He recalls that North Koreans attacked them shortly after. He shares the aftermath of the battle, putting the dead on stretchers and trucks, was the worst moment of his touring career in the Korean War.

Tags: Fear,Front lines,North Koreans

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Strung to a Barbed Wire Fence

Daniel M. Lopez shares a memory of an American sergeant being captured by North Koreans. He recalls the sergeant being hit and strung to barbed wire. He remembers a captain calling in a Marine plane to destroy the body and remembers watching the scene unfold. He adds that memories like that stay with a person, but he expresses that he is not sorry he joined and is proud to have served.

Tags: Fear,Front lines,North Koreans,Pride

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Bridge Over Barbed Wire

Daniel M. Lopez details capturing an enemy soldier. He explains that the North Koreans would make a man-bridge over the barbed wire separating American and enemy troops in an effort to attack. He recounts capturing an enemy soldier scratched up from the barbed wire and requesting an interpreter to translate. He shares that the enemy soldier escaped and ran towards the South. He also adds that the interpreter ended up joining the U.S. Marine Corps.

Tags: Fear,Front lines,Impressions of Korea,North Koreans,Pride

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