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Conrad R. Grimshaw


Conrad Grimshaw grew up in Los Angeles before moving to Beaver Canyon, where he joined the National Guard to earn a salary and benefits. He shares that he found himself shipped to Korea in January 1951 where he served resupplying ammunition. He recounts some of the challenges dealing with 2.5 ton trucks during the resupplying efforts. He recalls the destruction of Korean houses from his tour and the willingness of American soldiers to share with the Korean people. He recounts the burning of Chinese rifles when found in order to keep them out of circulation. He speaks highly of his time in the service and expresses that he received an education through his experiences.

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The Houses of the Korean People

Conrad Grimshaw describes arriving in Korea and seeing the devastation of the Korean households. He recounts their homes being burnt and crudely replaced by stones, straw, and dirt. He shares that American soldiers were empathic and took care of the Korean people any way they could.

Tags: Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Physical destruction,Poverty,South Koreans

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The Burning of Chinese Rifles

Conrad Grimshaw briefly shares his thoughts on South Korea in comparison to North Korea. He describes the Chinese soldiers being killed by the hundreds. He recounts the burning of Chinese rifles to keep them out of circulation among the Chinese troops.

Tags: Chinese,North Koreans,South Koreans,Weapons

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Joining the National Guard and Duties

Conrad Grimshaw recounts joining the National Guard and the training that followed. He describes being in charge of 12 2.5 ton trucks and chaining the wheels due to mud issues in order to get up to the firing batteries. He recounts a switch out of trucks later on.

Tags: Basic training,Front lines,Weapons

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