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Charles Eugene Warriner


Charles Eugene Warriner was born on October 1, 1931, in Onida, South Dakota. He grew up on a farm and graduated from Watt High School in 1949. On November 5, 1952, he was drafted into the US Army and completed basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky followed by advanced infantry training. He was deployed to Korea and landed at Incheon in July 1953 and was deployed as a part of the 8th Army, 10th Corps, 92nd Engineer Searchlight Company based near Chuncheon. During his time in theater, he served as a searchlight operator and cook. He rotated back to the US and was discharged from the Army on July 27, 1954.

Video Clips

Korea After the Armistice

Charles Eugene Warriner talks about arriving at Incheon and his assignment near the DMZ in the time just after the signing of the Armistice. He describes building a bunker and collecting lumber. He shares how although the war was over, one could still feel and sense the horror of war overhead.

Tags: 1953 Armistice 7/27,Chuncheon,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Physical destruction

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Winter in Korea

Charles Eugene Warriner describes the winter conditions at his outpost near the DMZ in 1953. He remembers there was a terrible ice storm. He describes wrapping barbed wire around his boots to aid walking upon the ice.

Tags: Chuncheon,Cold winters,Living conditions

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"You Do Crazy Things"

Charles Eugene Warriner tells a story of how he took pest control into his own hands when faced with a rat problem in his mess hall. He explains he shot the rat. He describes how it helped not only the rat problem but to cure boredom as well.

Tags: Chuncheon,Food,Living conditions,Weapons

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Korean Children

Charles Eugene Warriner speaks about seeing impoverished Korean children while on his way to his unit. He describes the emotional impact the experience had on him. He recalls how many of those children were starving and had lost their families and homes.

Tags: Chuncheon,Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Orphanage,Physical destruction,Poverty

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Pumpkin Pie Out of Strained Beans

Charles Eugene Warriner recalls a funny story when, as a cook, he came up with a clever way to use cans of strained beans. He explains the strained beans were like baby food. He describes how he used them to create a pumpkin pie.

Tags: Chuncheon,Food,Living conditions

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