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Cecil Franklin Snyder


Cecil Snyder was born on April 15, 1935 in Welsh Run, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Lemaster High School in 1954, he attended Hagerstown Business College to study bookkeeping and stenotyping. In the fall of 1958, he was drafted into the US Army and attended basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Later that year, he was deployed to Korea, landing at Incheon and stationed at Osan Air Base where he was assigned as a clerk. He spent 13 months in Korea before being rotated back home and discharged. After his time in the military, he attended cosmetology school. Today, he lives in Maryland.

Video Clips

Drafted into the Army

Cecil Snyder talks about being drafted into the US Army in the fall of 1958. He describes basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and mentions the duties of a clerk, his military occupational specialty.

Tags: Basic training,Fear

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Seoul, 1958-1959

Cecil Snyder describes Seoul based on his visits there in late 1958 though 1959. He talks about the condition of the city, it's infrastructure, sanitation and people.

Tags: Seoul,Civilians,Food,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Physical destruction,South Koreans

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Food for Korean Orphanages

Cecil Snyder, a clerk stationed at Osan Air Base, talks about delivering food to nearby orphanages. He describes collecting and delivering unused food, oftentimes used to feed the orphanages' livestock such as pigs.

Tags: Osan,Pyungyang,Food,Impressions of Korea,Orphanage,Physical destruction,South Koreans

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