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Bernard Dykes


Bernard E. Dykes was born in Port Washington, NY. Before entering the military, he worked as a mason’s apprentice. During his period of service, he went to Inchon, Korea, and was stationed at the main line of resistance from January 4, 1952 to July 15, 1952. He served in the 2nd Division, 23 Tank Company as a Sergeant First Class before his discharge. He was an Army Tank Commander, and participated in the Kumhwa Iron Triangle Area. He received the Good Conduct Medal for his commitments. After returning to the United States, he was employed at the Sperry Gyroscope Company, and worked at Sperry Titan Sales after being discharged from military service. He still remembers Eugene Paeur from the French Battalion and Louis Casden from the Tanil Company. His most memorable experience of the war was his first patrol, and he feels a sense of fulfillment and pride in regard to his role.

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Right Place, Right Time, Right Training

Bernard Dykes describes how he became second in command after only seven days in Korea. He was assisting inside of a tank at the lowest rank. With all his training that he had in the U.S., he was able to reset the tank after it became inactive.

Tags: Basic training,Front lines,Weapons

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Iron Triangle Strategy

Bernard Dykes details the strategy at his placement within the Iron Triangle. He describes why it was named this and being there with French soldiers. He also mentions battles that happened before and after his time there and the devastation endured.

Tags: 1951 Battle of Heartbreak Ridge, 9/13-10/15/,1953 Battle of Pork Chop Hill, 3/23-7/16,Chinese,Front lines,Physical destruction

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More Artillery Fire Than Raindrops

Bernard Dykes describes the constant and random attacks endured from the Chinese soldiers. He did not know where they were coming from or where they were to land. He mentions how putting his life in God's hands in these moments helped him survive.

Tags: Chinese,Communists,Front lines

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Life in the Iron Triangle

Bernard Dykes elaborates on what living conditions were like in the Iron Triangle. He often had to sleep inside a tank with four other soldiers. He also describes the food and the cold weather.

Tags: Cold winters,Food,Front lines,Living conditions

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