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Basilio MaCalino


Basilio MaCalino was born December 5, 1935 in Maui, Hawaii.  He was a six year old child when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and he recalls the events of the day.  Basilio MaCalino joined the Marines on February 12, 1953.  He went to boot camp in San Diego and was stationed at Camp Pendleton.  He served in the Korean War and was a supply man which meant that he supplied the troops with whatever items that they needed to stay alive.

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First-Hand Account of Japanese Bombing Pearl Harbor, HI

Basilio MaCalino was 6 years old when he saw the Japanese pilots flew low to the ground between two mountains. He could even see the pilot because the planes were so low. He watched with his own eyes as the lagoon harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii Pearl Harbor was bombed.

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Joining the Marine Corps

Basilio MaCalino didn't graduate high school and due to his bad choices, he had to join the military.
He enlisted Feb. 12, 1953 for the Marine Corps and was sent to San Diego, CA for his bootcamp training. Right after training, he was sent to Korea. His specialty was a supplier for the military.

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The Dangers of Providing Supplies for Troops

Basilio MaCalino landed at Incheon in March 1953. From there, he went to Sasebo on his way to his station in Ascom City. When arriving there, human waste was everywhere and the smell was something that he'll never forget. When leaving his station in a truck to bring supplies to troops, he was shot at multiple times.

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Life in Ascom City

Basilio MaCalino was stationed at Ascom City and he hated that there wasn't any fresh milk, eggs and hot water for his shower. When it was cold, he only showered once a week. Basilio MaCalino was able to sleep in an old building and was signed house boys to help around the base.

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