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Ayhan Karabulut


Ayhan Karabulut served in the Turkish Army as a soldier in the Heavy Weapons section. He grew up as one of four siblings and lost his father at the age of eight. He went to Korea at the age of twenty in 1951. Ayhan Karabulut served on the front lines and was eventually wounded at six different places in battle. He also lost many friends and the memories are something that have stuck with him in his dreams. Ayhan Karabulut is proud of his military service and hopes to see a united Korea.

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Impressions of Korea

Ayhan Karabulut describes the despair of Korea when he landed in 1951. He describes a train from Incheon to Seoul where it was faster to walk. He also describes women and children begging soldiers for food. There were many orphaned children during this time that were also begging for food.

Tags: Incheon,Seoul,Civilians,Food,Living conditions,Orphanage,Poverty,South Koreans

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Constant Danger

Ayhan Karabulut describes the battle that took place at Sand Bag Castle. He was wounded in six different places. However, most of his service he served in a constant threat. Many friends were killed or wounded. Ayhan Karabulut describes in detail one friend who died in his lap trying to cross a minefield.

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Memories and a Message

Ayhan Karabulut describes how he cannot forget the memories of the men he served with who lost their lives. He also describes how he feared the sound of planes overhead after returning home. He did have a special message for the Republic of Korea, "May Allah give them long life."

Tags: Depression,Fear,Home front,Message to Students,Modern Korea,Personal Loss,Pride,South Koreans

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