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Arthur H. Hazeldine


Arthur Herbert Hazeldine was born in the mining town of Reefton, New Zealand and grew up attending a one-room schoolhouse with under twenty students. He was raised on memories of his uncle, a Spitfire pilot in World War II. He joined the New Zealand Navy in 1949, rotating from duties first in New Zealand waters and then serving in the East Sea of Korea beginning in 1950. His frigate, the HMNZS Taupo patrolled the waters from the Soviet Union down along the coast of the Korean Peninsula engaging enemy supply lines and soldiers as a gun direction specialist. He is proud of his service and has shared his experiences with his grandson Jeremy who joins him in this interview.

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Young Bill's Action at Yang-do

Arthur H. Hazeldine describes action aboard the New Zealand Frigate HMNZS Taupo patrolling the east coast of Korea during the war and how he got the nickname - "Young Bill." He recounts his duties in gun direction during an attempted North Korean invasion of the island of Yang-do, which is in North Korea. As a result of Yang-do, his memories of the dead haunt him to this day.

Tags: East Sea,Cold winters,Communists,North Koreans,Physical destruction,Weapons

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The Korean People

Arthur H. Hazeldine describes his encounters with Korean people while aboard the New Zealand Frigate HMNZS Taupo. Further, he describes his admiration for the youth who fought for their country. He shares one memory of rescuing fishermen and returning them to their village.

Tags: East Sea,Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Pride,South Koreans

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Yang-do and Pirates

Arthur H. Hazeldine describes more of the engagement at Yang-do, consequently wounding thirteen New Zealand navy men and killing one. The North Korean soldiers were on sampans, a flat-bottomed boat and close enough to fire on the HMNZS Taupo using rifles. However, the firepower of the frigate was too much. One North Korean was fired upon while trying to surrender and subsequently lost his life. In conclusion, Arthur H. Hazeldine also describes an encounter with pirates off the coast of Taiwan.

Tags: East Sea,Communists,Front lines,North Koreans,Personal Loss,Weapons

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