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Alves James “AJ” Key


Alves James “AJ” Key is currently a part of the General Walton H. Walker Chapter 215 KWVA in DFW Texas. While he did not serve in Korea during the war, he provides great insight into the progress of the country after the war, including during his time there as a member of the Air Force in 1968-1970. He explains what Korea was like during this transition era, including what the countryside and metropolitan areas were like around Seoul. He gives his thoughts on why it has been important for the United States to keep troops there after the war.


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Korea in 1968-1970

Alves James "AJ" Key describes what life was life for him as a member of the Air Force stationed in Korea between 1968 to 1970. He describes the weather. He also explains how the base where he was stationed was too crowded and that aircraft were constantly leaving and arriving.

Tags: Seoul,Cold winters,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions

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Korea in Transition

Alves James "AJ" Key was in Korea after the war, so he was able to witness its transition to a modernizing country. He describes the development both in Seoul and in the countryside. He explains that he really did not understand how remarkable this transition was until years later when he fully understood the harsh conditions Korea had been under when Japan occupied the country.

Tags: Seoul,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions

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The United States Staying in Korea

Alves James "AJ" Key gives his opinion on why it was important for the United States to stay in Korea after the war. He explains why it has been helpful for the Korean economy. He also states that the presence of the United States has been positively influential in China's political relationship with the world.

Tags: Pride

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