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Albert Harrington


Albert Harrington served in the infantry of the Royal Regiment of Scotland during the Korean War. He was drafted and sent to Korea where he fought on the front lines. He recalls his arrival and details his typical duties as a soldier while there. He recounts the Second Battle of the Hook in November of 1952 and explains its significance. He speaks highly of South Korea’s developments and shares his thoughts on the current conditions between North and South Korea. He concludes with a message to younger generations of his sympathy and well wishes for the Korean people.

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Typical Duties of the Infantryman

Albert Harrington describes the typical duties of a soldier serving in the infantry. He explains these duties consisted of checking ammunition, re-digging trenches after rain, and patrolling. He comments on the dangers of patrolling and details one particular instance where the company nearest his was hit. He also describes the penalties for taking one's boots off as they were required to keep them on during certain services.

Tags: Fear,Front lines,Living conditions

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Second Battle of the Hook

Albert Harrington describes the Second Battle of the Hook between combined elements of British and 1st Commonwealth Division forces and Chinese forces. He acknowledges that the Chinese forces were effective in battle and appeared well trained. He explains the significance of the battle, emphasizing that a Chinese victory would have allowed the enemy a more efficient route to Seoul.

Tags: Seoul,Chinese,Front lines

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Modern Outcomes of the War

Albert Harrington shares that his experience during the war was very educational and that he grew up overnight. He discusses with the interviewer several outcomes of the war including political and economic ties. He expresses his sympathy regarding the current conditions between North and South Korea and wishes for them to unite.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,North Koreans

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