Korean War Legacy Project

2019 Korean War Legacy Project Lesson Plan Competition Announced


The Korean War Legacy Project invites classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, and pre-service teachers to submit a creative and engaging lesson plan that utilizes resources in the interview archive.

The goal of the Korean War Legacy Project is to assist teachers, students, and the general public in understanding the origins and outcomes of the Korean War, the challenges that soldiers faced while fighting it, and its rich legacy promoting democracy and freedom in the world today. Offering a curated, annotated library of nearly 1,000 oral histories, over 2,500 video clips, and over 900 photos centering on the Korean War and its legacy, we invite educators to submit a lesson plan making use of this archive.

A total of four prizes will be given. One winner will be selected from each category: Elementary level (K-5), Middle level (6-8), and High level (9-12). One additional prize will be given for the best lesson written by a pre-service teacher. The deadline to submit a lesson plan for consideration in this competition is March 31, 2019.

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