Korean War Legacy Project

2018 Korea Research Trip


The Korean War Legacy Foundation seeks full time teachers, social studies staff developers, and social studies supervisors to apply for the 2018 Korean research trip. In traveling to South Korea, fellows will have a variety of experiences meant to showcase the challenges and outcomes of the Korean War, while also building an understanding about the legacy of the war including the simultaneous economic development and democratization of South Korea. Fellows will also be immersed in Korean history and culture as a way to better understand the contemporary country. The trip itinerary is being developed and will be shared soon.

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The application for the Korean research trip will be open from March 26th until April 16th. Applicants will receive decision notifications via e-mail by April 23rd.

The application for the 2018 Korean research trip can be found at https://koreanwardigitalhistoryproject.submittable.com/submit/111586/2018-korea-research-trip

Travel Caveat Potential applicants should be aware that during the trip to South Korea, a considerable amount of walking will be required. All hotel rooms are double occupancy and for one night, participants will sleep at a Temple in a gender separated communal room. During the temple stay, participants will be given a thin pad and will sleep on the floor.

General Information


The 2018 South Korean research trip will take place from July 23- July 30. On July 23rd, fellows will be in a location to be determined for orientation, and depart the following day.


Fellows are responsible for paying half of their total airfare (domestic and international) by May 15th. All flights will be booked through the Foundation’s travel agent. Fellows are also required to pay a $300.00 deposit by June 15th, which will be refunded once a fellow has completed their requirements to the foundation.

Fellow Requirements



Although this fellowship is listed as a trip, the commitment is more than just travel to Korea. Fellows complete four cycles to fulfill their requirements to the foundation.

The first cycle, or the pre-trip phase will have fellows register for the trip, including paying the deposit and working with a specific travel agent to book their domestic and international flight. The first cycle also has fellows complete readings, discussions, and webinars. This is to build a background about the history and culture of Korea, in order to prepare fellows for the trip experience. Fellows will also be tasked with completing a task as part of their service. This could take the form of conducting an interview with a Korean War or Korean Defense Force veteran, transcribing an existing interview with a veteran, or field-testing education materials created through the foundation.

The second cycle, is the trip to Korea.

The third cycle, or post trip phase has fellows create a lesson plan based on Korean history and culture and do a presentation about their lesson at a district, state, or regional organization. While the lesson plan and evidence of presentation are due by 12/31, the fellows need to be aware that they may be required to perform revisions to their lessons in order to fulfill their requirements and be reimbursed their deposit.

The fourth cycle of the trip is the community phase. After completion of the lesson plan, participants will become members of the Korean Fellows Alumni Association. This community group will receive newsletters and e-mail updates from the foundation with information on teaching Korean history and culture. Furthermore, alumni fellows will be added into the Korean Fellow Alumni Association Facebook page in order to stay connected and share ideas with other fellows.

Note: If you fail to complete the required tasks, you will not be permitted to participate in future KWLF events and will forfeit your deposit.


If you have questions about the trip, requirements, or application, please e-mail Thomas Clouse at thomas.clouse@uky.edu. Label Korea Research Trip in the subject.

About Korean War Legacy Foundation

The goal of the Korean War Legacy Project is to assist teachers, students, and the general public in understanding the origins and outcomes of the Korean War, the challenges that soldiers faced while fighting it, and its rich legacy promoting democracy and freedom in the world today, which is exemplified by South Korea’s simultaneous achievement of rapid economic development and substantive democratization in late 20th century.

Trip Supervisors

Dr. Jongwoo Han
President, Korean War Legacy Foundation

Joseph Karb
Executive Director

Thomas Clouse
Research Trip Director


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