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Athens Conference on the Korean War


In August 2019 the Korean War Legacy Foundation (KWLF) hosted a conference in Athens, Greece for over 50 international teachers that explored the Korean War, its legacy, and the pedagogical possibilities for teaching about the war. This conference was made possible through the generous support of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs.

The conference included historical lectures on the war and its significance, training on the oral history library of veteran interviews, presentations on the unique contributions of UN Nations, and time to collaborate with other teachers to develop lesson plans. We were fortunate to have the scholarly contributions of Dr. Kathryn Weathersby, Professor Thomas Hennessey and Dr. John Lee, all experts in this area, as they led several discussions for the group. Presentations were also made by Dimitrious Matsoukas, president of the Panhellenic Association of Korea War Veterans, and Chairman Chi Kap-Chong from the Korean War Allies Association.

One of the highlights of the conference was an evening banquet with Korean War Veterans from throughout Greece. The teachers were able to hear first-person accounts of the war while celebrating the contributions of each of the countries represented at the conference.
Teachers from the following countries, representing several UN countries that participated in the war, attended the conference:

The conference culminated with a lesson plan contest in which teachers created lessons focused on their country’s unique contributions to the war. These lessons have become a part of the educational materials that the KWLF has to offer.

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About the Conference Host

The goal of the Korean War Legacy Foundation is to assist teachers, students, and the general public in understanding the origins and outcomes of the Korean War, the challenges that soldiers faced while fighting it, and its rich legacy promoting democracy and freedom in the world today, which is exemplified by South Korea’s simultaneous achievement of rapid economic development and substantive democratization in late 20th century.

About the Conference Sponsor

Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs logoThe Republic of Korea Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs mission is to honor and serve those who have dedicated their lives and sacrificed for our country, and to preserve and promote their patriotic spirit.