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Ziya Dilimer


Ziya Dilimer served in the Turkish military as a Sergeant of Technicians during the Korean War. Ziya Dilimer used his technical high school education repairing cars and guns. Zika Dilimer’s war experience is different from most other Turkish soldiers. He did not see the battlefield specifically. However, repairing weapons played an important role during the Korean War. He was part of the third battalion of Turkish soldiers that served in Korea. He has never revisited the country he fought for. However, he is proud of what Korea has turned into.

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Ziya Dilimer describes his Korean War experience. His War experience is different from other Turkish soldiers. He was behind the front and not in danger. His role was to fix vehicles and guns. He would receive cars with bullet holes and swap out parts. A major thing he had to fix was the barrels of guns. Heat would damage the barrels.

Tags: Busan,Front lines,Physical destruction,Weapons

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Ziya Dilimer describes being given a pack of cigarettes a day. This would have been part of his K-Ration. Each man in his unit received a K-Ration daily. Zika Dilimer was fond of the Chesterfield cigarettes included. Also, men were given ice cream, even in the winter.

Tags: Cold winters,Food,Front lines

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