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Wilma Altizer


Wilma Altizer was married to a sergeant in the military.  She was an only daughter and the military was a way for her to get out of the house to experience life outside her town.  She volunteered for the Air Force in 1949 and helped on the home front during the Korean War.  Wilma Altizer’s job was computer communications through IBM.  Once she became pregnant, and the military had her and her husband in two different locations all the time, she decided to end her time in the military.  While this was in 1951, the Korean War was never forgotten in her heart since she lost a brother to the war.

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Specialty in the Military-Computer Communications

Wilma Altizer was trained in IBM computer communications. After her training, she used her knowledge to help on the home front during the Korean War. She explained that after the war was over, she couldn't find a job in this field since you were expected to carry heavy computer pieces, but the businesses wouldn't let women try to do this job.

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Korean War Soldier on the Home Front

Wilma Altizer is a Korean War Era veteran even though she worked on the US home front. She explains how military looks at the time period, not the soldier's location to determine the time of service.

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