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William T. Fox


William T. Fox recounts his experiences as an Army platoon leader during the Korean War. As an infantry soldier, he witnessed a lot of combat and has several stories to tell.  He gives specific details of his locations, including his experiences at Hill 246. While he believes that it was difficult to develop camaraderie with a unit because of rotations, he was able to establish strong relationships with individuals who fought beside him. During the war, he was even able to help several friends and was awarded a Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his service.

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Understanding Korea

William T. Fox describes his location while he was in Korea. He explains some of the geographical aspects of the Chowan Valley and the 38th Parallel. He also explains why he calls Korea a “two-part war” and the goals of his regiment. He further discusses Pork Chop Hill and a friend who received a Medal of Honor.

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Making Friends in the Field

William T. Fox describes what it was like building friendships with others. While he developed relationships individually, he explains that there was not a lot of team-building because of the rotations that were established. He states that he still keeps in contact with men he met during the war and that some regiments have a long-standing history of reunions.

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Hill 246

William T. Fox describes his time at Hill 246. He tells how he helped a wounded friend up the hill during combat, but didn't realize that he had been injured himself. He explains how he found shrapnel from his wound for a few years after the war.

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