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William J. Leber


William J. Leber was born on August 5, 1930 in Newark, New Jersey. His parents immigrated from Europe and had 8 children. He graduated high school in 1948 and was drafted in October 1951. William J. Leber’s mother was a widow, so he appealed his draft, but after a 3-month delay, he departed to Korea in 1952. He served in the 2nd Infantry Division at Battalion headquarters as a clerk for the commanding officer, and later as a supply Sergeant. After approximately 12 months, he earned 36 points which was enough for him to return home. He is proud of his service in Korea, and marvels at the advancements in South Korea today.

Video Clips

From New Jersey, to Japan, to Korea

This clip provides an in-depth explanation of the process William J. Leber experienced once he was drafted, all the way through to his arrival in Korea. He discusses the process of how one was chosen for different assignments/specialities in the Army. His mother was a widow, and he describes how he sent half of his paycheck to his mother, and the US government also paid her an additional stipend.

Tags: Basic training

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On the Move

William J. Leber discusses the movements that occurred during his time in Korea. He recalls moving to Kelly Hill, Porkchop Hill as well as others. He recalls carrying drums of gas up hills for other soldiers.

Tags: Front lines,Weapons

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Dangerous Moments

William J. Leber discusses some dangerous moments during his time in Korea. He recalls the difficulties with guard duty at night and the sounds of incoming artillery.

Tags: Front lines,Physical destruction,Weapons

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