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Victor Max Ramsey


Victor Max Ramsey originally had intentions of becoming an engineer to work at a factory plant. While at LSU, he joined ROTC to save money on clothing. He ended up spending time in Korea as a Lieutenant. He discusses getting orders to a Camp Rucker without a uniform but no one knew where it was. He recalls the harsh Wisconsin winters during his basic training.  He also describes his interactions with guerrilla fighters and the difficulties that he and other soldiers had to face.

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From Hot Summers to 10 Feet of Snow

Originally from Louisiana, Victor Max Ramsey recalls his time in basic training in the cold Wisconsin winters. He discusses a train ride going from positive temps to below zero temperatures. During training exercises, cadets were required to be out in harsh cold conditions to prepare for Korea.  

Tags: Basic training,Cold winters,Living conditions

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Friend or Enemy?

Victor Max Ramsey recalls his interactions with guerrilla fighters. He describes an incident where he passed two horsemen. The two men later committed atrocities against a United States camp. He discusses how one can't tell who was an enemy and who was just a civilian.

Tags: Civilians,Fear,North Koreans,South Koreans,Weapons

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A Boy named "Slick"

Victor Ramsey discusses having a houseboy named Slick. He describes the young boy who worked running errands for his unit. He was so small there were misconceptions of his age. With the taste of American food and help, he grew and his family even got jobs.

Tags: Food,Living conditions,South Koreans

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