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Troy Howard


Troy Howard, a seventh-grade school dropout, claims his hard work as a farmer and his military training in Texas is what shaped him into the man that he became later in life. Troy Howard was inspired by his cousin Tommy Ray to enlist in the United States Military Service. He recalls his passion to fight in Korea. He explains how he had a lack of information about the Korean War in both the history books and society until he joined Korean War Veterans.

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Livin' in a Fantasy World

Prior to seeing his cousin return from war as a wounded veteran, Troy Howard said that he was living in a fantasy world where war was action packed just like the movies but no one died. Troy Howard decided to enlist when he started seeing wounded soldiers return to the states. He claims it was his duty to watch his brothers backs.

Tags: Home front,Pride

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Korea? Never Knew of it!

Troy Howard knew nothing about Korea prior to the Korean War. After the war, ended he visited the local library to explore more about the country and was shocked by the lack of information about Korea and the Korean War. It wasn't to after he joined the Korean War Veterans Association that he began to find out.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,Prior knowledge of Korea

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