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Tom Muller


Tom Muller came to South Korea during the Korean War and served various roles within the 199th Battalion, including artillery and journalist. He is a devout Christian and speaks highly of his conversion after the Korean War. He is proud of his military service and describes the conditions he fought in. He also describes the conditions of the Korean people and the conditions of his service. Tom Muller then reflects on coming home to no victory parade like the WWII veterans before him.

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Not M*A*S*H

Tom Muller describes life on the front lines and compares this to the TV show M*A*S*H*. He likes the show, but disagrees with the drama and the antics of the show. He describes having a potbelly stove that was adequate up to 10 feet away. He goes further and describes the South Korean people, scrawny and begging for food near Busan.

Tags: Busan,Daejeon,Seoul,Civilians,Cold winters,Front lines,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Poverty,South Koreans

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Critique on Truman and MacArthur

Tom Muller describes his take on the MacArthur v. Truman debate. Tom Muller provides the quintessential military perspective on MacArthur. He then compares this event to what is happening under President Trump.

Tags: Daejeon,Home front,North Koreans,South Koreans

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Homecoming for Korean Veterans v. WWII Veterans

Tom Muller describes pride in his service during the Korean War. He recollects his time as a teen and going to victory parades for World War II veterans. Tom Muller then compares this experience with his own coming home and a "tie" parade.

Tags: Home front,Message to Students,Pride

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