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Thomas W. Stevens (2nd Interview)


Thomas W. Stevens served as president of his Korean War Veterans Association chapter in 2016. He faced many challenges while serving, such as disagreements among members and the declining population of veterans living in the United States. He embraced the call to serve in this capacity by striving to overcome the organizational challenges, such as growing membership and raising funds for the necessary programs. He met the needs of his chapter by thoughtfully listening to the needs and wants of its members. He claimed that serving in this capacity was the closest thing to a full-time job that he cared to have but without pay.

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Reaching the Next Generation

Thomas W. Stevens serves as president of his local chapter of the Korean War Veterans Association. He discusses the many challenges of meeting the needs of its members, some complimentary and some critical. He stresses the importance of reaching the next generation and teaching them the importance of freedom and the sacrifices made to ensure those freedoms.

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