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Taddese Weldmedhen Metaferiya


Taddese Weldmedhen Metaferiya served in the Ethiopian military during the Korean War. He served as part of the famed Third Kagnew Battalion in 1953. For instance, the Ethiopian Kagnew Battalion was the only United Nations country to not lose in battle or have a Prisoner of War (POW). His military occupation was a bazooka shooter. Upon returning to Ethiopia after his service, he became an athlete for the national team in running. Above all, Taddese Weldmedhen Metaferiya is humble about his experience in Korea and prays to God that South Korea will continue to thrive.

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Bazooka and Never Leave a Man Behind

Taddese Weldmedhen Metaferiya describes his experience in Korea. He was a bazooka shooter. For example, one occurrence almost left him dead when a shell did not fire. Importantly, he describes never leaving a lost soldier behind. The Ethiopians never lost a soldier to Prisoner of War.

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Ethiopian Donations Create an Orphanage

Taddese Weldmedhen Metaferiya describes donating money that opened an orphanage in Korea. Ethiopian soldiers had endured in battle. In addition, they also donated money to Korean people suffering during the war. The orphanage was able to help many Korean children. Korea has not forgotten about this donation.

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Transformation of Korea

Taddese Weldmedhen Metaferiya describes the transformation of Korea. He describes the war-torn Korea. Buildings were destroyed by the enemy. Even the water was contaminated. However, now Korea has become green and everything is clean. This is a major difference from his war-torn experience. He is happy that Korea has undergone this transformation. He is not asking for compliments.

Tags: Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Modern Korea,Pride,South Koreans

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