Korean War Legacy Project

Sunny Rose


Sunny Rose is a Korean War era veteran who served in the Army from 1953-1956. Because he enlisted towards the end of the war, he never saw combat in Korea. However, he discusses the lessons he learned during his three years of service. Sunny Rose also shares a message for young people that is focused on being informed about one’s country and its leaders. Overall, he is very proud of his country and wants to encourage others to have the same feeling.

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Lessons Learned from the Military

Sunny Rose explains what he learned while he was in the military. Among the life lessons is his belief that you should love your country and do what you can do to protect it. He also learned that you need to work with different people from various backgrounds to accomplish goals.

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Message to Young People

Sunny Rose shares a message to young people. He emphasizes having pride in your country, including understanding its history and its current events. He encourages youth to stay informed and to be careful about the leader that they choose.

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