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Stanley Jones


Stanley Jones was born in 1931 in Oak Park, Illinois.  Soon after, his family moved to Massachusetts. In 1950, he was working in furniture sales as the Korean Conflict encroached. He chose to enlist in the army rather than be drafted. Jones tested well in mathematics and was sent to Fort Tilden for anti-aircraft training. He was assigned to the 69th AAA Gun Battalion and received training in radar and then as a ballistic meteorologist. In Korea, he was transferred to the 44th Brigade, a National Guard unit.  Jones’ meteorological section worked out of Suwan and Sosa. Stanley Jones revisited Korea in 2004, astonished to see the recovery that had been made.


Video Clips

Ballistic Meteorology Work

Stanley Jones describes the work of ballistic meteorologists. He explains the codes used by anti-aircraft guns. He shares how this job supports military operations.

Tags: Suwon,Weapons

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2004 Revisit

Stanley Jones describes the transformation of Korea that he witnessed on his revisit in 2004. He shares the sights he saw. He shares a story about taking a subway and how at first he had only seen poverty and now he was surrounded by skyscrapers

Tags: Seoul,Impressions of Korea,Modern Korea,Physical destruction,Poverty

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Experiencing the Front Lines

Stanley Jones describes the differences he saw between the National Guard and the traditional Army. He shares an experience he had where officers were relieved and chaos and mistreatment ensued. He describes where the ballistic stations were located and a situation of a fuel bur in Busan that happened.

Tags: Busan,Incheon,Osan,Suwon,Yeongdeungpo,Front lines,Living conditions,South Koreans,Weapons

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