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Stan Golub


Stan Golub was born on January 8, 1929, to Russian immigrants. Despite the Great Depression, his father was able to establish a business and provide a comfortable life for his family in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended Cleveland Heights High School and graduated in 1948. Just a few short years later, he was drafted into the United States Army and was sent to basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, to receive medical service training. In 1953, just prior to the Armistice, he went to Korea by way of Incheon. He was assigned duty to a hospital in Seoul where he helped care for the sick and wounded. His time in Korea was short and uneventful due to the timing of his assignment, and he soon headed home. Once home, he used the GI Bill to obtain his college degree from Ohio State. Later in life, he married a Korean woman and often revisited Korea. He was glad to see it rebuilt and thriving.

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Prior Knowledge of Korea

Stan Golub shares what he knew about Korea prior to his deployment there, driving home the fact that those going knew very little of the country they would be defending. He discusses how his mom was anxious, yet he had few worries because he was arriving at the time of Armistice. He shares that he did not see the danger that so many others faced.

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