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Salvatore Buonocore


Salvatore Buonocore was born in New Haven, Connecticut, on June 7, 1927. He enlisted in the Navy in June of 1945 and served a year before he was discharged. He shares that he reenlisted in the Navy in 1949, completed his basic training, and established his MOS as a Motor Machinist while at Sampson Naval Training Base in New York. He comments on how he spent his time throughout the Korean War serving as an instructor, educating those who were in the Reserve on how to repair engines, boilers, and everything that applied to running a ship mechanically. He details precautionary high jump training given and comments on his time in the Air-sea Rescue, detailing his duties and one particular rescue he conducted. He is proud of his family values which led to his service commitment.

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Basic Training

Salvatore Buonocore recalls the basic training he received after joining the Navy. He remembers demonstrating his swimming ability and being assigned as the swimming instructor for his unit. He shares that many men did not know how to swim. He comments further on his other talents being noticed in training which led to his placement in a construction company.

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The Breakout of the Korean War

Salvatore Buonocore shares that he knew immediately when the war broke out as he was in the Naval Reserves at the time. He states that he was teaching at the Naval Reserves Station and recalls being put on standby. He remembers some of the men he was teaching being put directly aboard ship as they had prior experience.

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Air-sea Rescue

Salvatore Buonocore shares his thoughts on the Navy providing clean bunks and decent meals but mentions the dangers of drowning. He compares his naval experience to the experiences of those who served in Korea. He recalls high jump training to prepare servicemen for an emergency and comments on his time in the Air-sea Rescue, detailing his duties and one particular rescue he conducted.

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