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Ruben Rains


Ruben Rains served in both World War II and the Korean War. In his civilian life both before and after the war, he was a border patrolman. He remembers being called to be reactivated for the Korean War and arriving in Korea in February of 1951. He describes his ten months in Korea, arguing that it was the Marines that saved Korea. He recollects having to get to the other side of the bridges as they were being destroyed. Ruben Rains believes the creed, “once a Marine, always a Marine.”

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A Brave Military Career

Ruben Rains gives an overview of his military service. He served in World War II. After WWII he remained in the Marine Corps reserves. When the Korean War broke out, he received orders to report and was reactivated. He arrived n Korea on February 10th, 1951. He serviced with the 11th Marines as an artilleryman.

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The Marines Saved Korea

Ruben Rains arrived in Pusan before moving up through the middle of the country to Taegu. He served 10 months and remembers that that was a time of 2-3 major attacks by the Chinese Army. He believes that it was the Marines who saved Korea.

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“Exciting” Times in Korea

Ruben Rains states that everything was hard during the war. If he had to choose something that was difficult, it was when they were retreating. He remembers how the engineers would blow up bridges and they always ended up on the other side. He said that this was always “exciting.”

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