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Robert Greitz


Robert Greitz discusses how he joined the Air Force in 1952 after seeing the physical damage of frostbite on military men in his neighborhood coming back from the Korean War. Although he never saw military action and was stationed in Newfoundland, he paid special attention to the war he was helping to fight. He discusses the benefits of his service highlighting the G.I. Bill. He also shares his thoughts on South versus North Korea and the potential reunification of the two countries.

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Joining the Air Force

Robert Greitz describes his reason for joining the Air Force. He explains how he was just 18 and after seeing so many Korean War veterans coming home missing fingers and toes from frostbite, decide to enlist in the Air Force. He also discusses using the G.I. Bill.

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Benefits of the G.I. Bill

Robert Greitz describes the G.I. Bill. He explains how much he earned per month and the costs of college. He also explains how he utilized his military benefits throughout his life.

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Comparison of South Korea and North Korea

Robert Greitz explains how the war was also between the US and China. He also explains the difference between a truce and winning. He discusses the differences between South and North Korea as an example of the benefits of the democratic system.

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Reunification of Korea

Robert Greitz explains the role of the US in the reunification of Korea. He shares his thoughts on the possibility of reunification of Korea. He shares how he feels the North Korea people will need to be in charge of their own fate.

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