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Robert F. Wright


Robert Floyd Wright had just graduated from Milford High School, Utah when he was called to serve in the 8th Army. After 16 weeks of basics in radar and automatic weapons training at Fort Bliss, TX he was assigned for the duration of his time in Korea at Kimpo Air Force Base as a dispatcher in the motor pool. He quickly became skilled as inspector in B Company that he would be assigned to other companies who vehicles needed further assistance. Robert shares his story of their encounter with “Bed Check Charlie” ripping into their Quonset Hut, but the Air Force was successful in detecting and gunning these single-engine planes down. After serving 18 months, he returned home proud to have served and glad the people of South Korea have prospered.

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Bombed by Bed Check Charlie

Robert shares the story of being bombed by Bed Check Charlie in the middle of the night throughout his time in Korea. His Quonset Hut was covered with a canvas top and sand bags were stacked about 6 ft high around the hut, and as the bombs dropped the shrapnel would rip the top of their huts.. Fortunately no one was killed and US Air Force was able to detect this North Korean single engine plane and took care of them.

Tags: Seoul,Fear,North Koreans,Physical destruction,Pride

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Witnessing the Wounded

Robert remembers the worst part of his experience in Korea was passing by a train filled with wounded soldiers and how sorry he felt for those men which upset him. There was a 17 year old boy from New York that was with him on his train and saw the same thing and told Robert, "What did I get myself into, I want to go home." Doesn't know what happened to that kid.

Tags: Depression,Fear,Front lines,Impressions of Korea

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North Koreans Must Be Upset at the Success

Robert describes how proud he is of what Korea has become today producing automobiles taking over their part of their world, and the success South Korea has had must make North Korea Upset at their success.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,North Koreans,Poverty,Pride

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