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Phil Feehan


Phil Feehan was born November 23, 1932 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After moving to Kansas City, Kansas at 8 years old, Phil Feehan attended St. Agnes Catholic School where he graduated in 1951. After attending one year of college, Phil then enlisted in the Army. Phil went to Korea in September of 1952 after attending basic training in Fort Riley, Kansas. Upon returning to the United States Phil Feehan married Joanne Feehan in January of 1956. The Feehans have six children of their own and 5 adopted Korean children. In 2015 Phil and Joanne Feehan revisited Korea together.

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Prior Knowledge of Korea

Phil and Joanne Feehan describe how they knew nothing of Korea prior to the Korean War. They had knowledge of China and Japan but not Korea.

Tags: Prior knowledge of Korea

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"More good times than bad"

Phil and Joanne Feehan describe their marriage and their desire to help Korean children. They discuss their 6 born children and their 5 adopted Korean children.

Tags: Home front

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Heading to Korea

Phil Feehan describes his year at Rockhurst College before enlisting in the Army in 1952. He discusses attending basic training at Fort Riley in Kansas before leaving Seattle. After leaving Seattle he arrived in Incheon.

Tags: Incheon,Basic training

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Coming to Korea

Phil Feehan describes the rubble upon landing in Incheon in 1952. He described being placed straight on trucks before heading to Sandbag Castle.

Tags: Incheon,Impressions of Korea,Physical destruction

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First Assignments

Phil Feehan discusses heading to Sandbag Castle, where he was stationed upon first arriving in Korea. He describes it as being opposite a North Korean division. After being at Sandbag Castle a short time, he was sent to Christmas Hill where he describes fighting 4 nights in a row.

Tags: Front lines,North Koreans

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