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Pete Flores


Pete G. Flores was born in 1932 and graduated high school in 1950. He was a commercial graphic artist after high school but chose to enlist in 1951 and was sent to basic training in San Antonio for twelve weeks. He was eventually sent to Okinawa, and his job was to outfit planes with cameras having eight-inch lenses. He also flew on several twelve-hour night missions to capture photos. When he returned home, his wife was waiting for him in San Francisco where they purchased a car and drove back to El Paso, Texas. After he was discharged in 1955, he started his own business as a graphic artist. He later earned several college degrees and designed maps for the city of El Paso.

Video Clips

Outfitting Planes with Cameras

Pete Flores describes installing cameras on the planes. He recalls that out of thirty or forty planes, three would be photo planes. He shares how these specific planes would take pictures as a means of gauging whether targets were being hit and missions were successful. He describes how all the gun turrets had little 16 mm movie cameras that were about the size of a pack of cigarettes and comments on how he would wait for the planes to come back and remove the film for analysis.

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The Koreas Today

Pete Flores comments on US-Korea relations. He shares his thoughts about the US allowing North Korea to things it should not have been allowed to do. He comments on how impressed with South Korea he is as it has become an industrial leader. He mentions his concern with what might happen with North Korea and shares how he hopes things turns out for the better if something boils over.

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Attitude Toward Military and War

Pete Flores says he had two brothers who served in the military as well as a brother-in-law in World War II. He emphasizes that military service taught him discipline and determination which he applied in his successful business after his four years of service. He shares how he helps returning veterans when they leave service.

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