Korean War Legacy Project

Paul Hofwolt


Paul Hofwolt was drafted in the Army in 1944 and served in World War II and the Korean War.  During the Korean War he served in the Inactive Reserve.  He describes his surprise upon learning he was to actively serve again in Korea.  He recalls his duties as a Private First Class at the Armistice discussions in Gaesong. Lastly, he reflects on South Korea’s progress today and his pride for his service in the war.

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At war again?!

Paul Holfwolt describes how after serving in WWII, he volunteered to become a part of the Inactive Reserves. He believed he would be exempt from the draft and thus not be sent to Korea. He describes the surprise and shock he had when he received word he would be sent to Korea.

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Job Responsibilities at the Armistice Discussions

Paul Hofwolt describes his job responsibilities in Gaesong, North Korea. In Gaesong, he was responsible for preparing meals and setting up for the many Armistice discussions. He was not an active participant but more behind the scenes, not being seen by the delegates.

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"That's not the Korea I remember!"

Paul Hofwolt sees an image of modern day Seoul, South Korea. He cannot believe how much South Korea has advanced since he served there. He describes how happy he is for the South Korean people and his pride for his service.

Tags: Seoul,Impressions of Korea

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