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Pasquale G. “Bob” Morga


Pasquale “Bob” Morga was one of eleven children who grew up in Queens, New York. He and four of his brothers served in the armed forces. He attributes this to his father who was extremely patriotic and pushed Bob Morga to never disgrace his name. Bob Morga was a professional boxer when he was drafted in May 1951. He explains the living conditions and poverty he experienced in Korea. He also shares how he communicated with his family at home, and what happened when he did not reach out to his mother. He is very proud of his service and the progress that Korea has made.

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A Patriotic Father

Bob Morga explains that his father was “so patriotic” and he never wanted to disappoint him, especially since so many of his brothers also served. He remembers his father telling him not to disgrace his name. He says that he believes that his father was proud of him after he received a citation for his service on the Don Dunphy show at Madison Square Garden.

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Living Conditions

Bob Morga explained that the company compound was a former Japanese school house. He also explains the food that he ate while in Korea, sharing what he could with the young children around the area. He remembers how he would give them whatever he could from his C-rations because no one else could take care of them.

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Better Write to Your Mom

Bob Morga explains that he wrote to his family a few times per week. He states that Korea was a “lonely place” if you didn’t connect with others in Korea. He recalls that his mother would send him packages and got extremely worried when she heard rumors that he was injured.

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The "Citizen Patriot" as Role Model

A document praising Bob Morga for his heroic action during The Korean War.