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Osman Yasar Eken


Osman Eken served in the Turkish infantry during the Korean War. He was part of the third group of Turkish soldiers that served at the Nevada Complex. He saw the suffering of the people of Korea. This suffering made fighting even more urgent. The fierce fighting left a lasting impression on Osman Eken. Overall, Osman Eken is very proud and passionate about his service in Korea.

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Osman Eken describes how the condition of the Korean people increased his fighting morale. The Korean people were hungry, wearing shabby clothes, and did not have a home. People were just wandering around begging for food. This condition made Osman Even even more determined as a fighter.

Tags: Seoul,Civilians,Food,Living conditions,Physical destruction,Poverty,South Koreans

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Description of War

Osman Eken describes war. He did not feel danger or think about death. The Vegas Battles left many Chinese dead. Osman Eken provides one of the most vivid accounts of the battle. Turkey lost one hundred and forty-seven soldiers in twenty-six hours.

Tags: Chinese,Cold winters,Fear,Front lines,North Koreans,Pride

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Endless Memories

Osman Eken describes the constant reliving of the Korean War. He cannot shake the memories. People always ask about physical scars. However, Osman Eken's mind is impacted. The real injury is to his mind.

Tags: Depression,Fear,Message to Students,Personal Loss

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