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Necdet Yazıcıoğlu


Necdet Yazıcıoğlu served in the Turkish infantry during the Korean War. Prior to Korea, he graduated from the Turkish War Academy. He enlisted in the military after graduation in 1949. He arrived in Korea in August of 1952. Because the war had raged for a couple of years prior, Necdet Yazıcıoğlu saw the worst of Korea. He witnessed the desperation of the Korean people. In May of 1953, he participated in the Battle for the Nevada Complex. This Battle was during the peace negotiations and helped secure the 38th Parallel as the dividing line between North and South Korea. Importantly, Necdet Yazıcıoğlu is very proud of his service and would fight again if needed even at his age.

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Pain of Captivity

Necdet Yazıcıoğlu describes the suffering in Busan. People were out of hope. Moreover, they had lost everything. Many children, four to six, were parentless. Turkish soldiers were well supplied and would give candies, biscuits and chocolates. The Turkish soldiers even had a Korean houseboy. Importantly, they treated him like their own. For example, the houseboy was listed in official Turkish government correspondence. Likewise, the houseboy would complete errands for the Turkish soldiers. His name was Zeki or clever.

Tags: Busan,Civilians,Depression,Food,Living conditions,Orphanage,Physical destruction,Poverty,South Koreans

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Vegas Complex

Necdet Yazıcıoğlu describes the conditions of the war at the Vegas Complex. There were a series of battles that took place in May of 1953 in this area. Subsequently, the fighting was fierce. Moreover, negotiations for peace were occurring. Importantly, the battles ended in arguably a stalemate after a Chinese offensive. Further, this helped with negotiations for the United Nations

Tags: Panmunjeom,Chinese,Communists,Fear,Front lines,Personal Loss,Weapons

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Fear Cannot Be Explained

Necdet Yazıcıoğlu describes in detail what a soldier goes through in battle. Firstly, he describes that everything gets quiet. Further, you start to see your wife or parents. Meanwhile, you hear the machine gun. Subsequently, people who have grave wounds "give up the ghost."

Tags: Panmunjeom,Depression,Fear,Front lines,Personal Loss,Pride

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