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Myron “Jack” Leissler


Myron “Jack” Leissler is a veteran who is part of the group the Chosin Few. In this interview, he is with two of his friends, a testimony to the long-standing friendships that were developed during the war. He describes the devastation of Seoul when they arrived in 1950. He remembers a “humorous” episode that happened in a foxhole. He also explains why he appreciates Tootsie Rolls.  Overall, his comradery is what helped him survive the war.

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First Impressions of Seoul

Myron “Jack” Leissler recalls what it was like when he first saw Seoul. He describes how it was destroyed and how tough the street fighting was. He remembers a train station that had a glass dome destroyed. A veteran friend went to Korea in later years and brought back pictures of that same dome restored.

Tags: Seoul,Impressions of Korea,Physical destruction,Weapons

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A “Safe” Foxhole

Myron “Jack” Leissler recalls a “humorous” moment in Korea. While advancing toward a group of Chinese troops in Kotori, he had a chaplain, medical corpsman, and machine gunner join him in the foxhole. They joked that this is the “safest they felt since being in Korea.”

Tags: Heungnam,Seoul,Wonsan,Yudamri,Fear,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Physical destruction

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Thankful for Tootsie Rolls

Myron “Jack” Leissler explains how he is thankful for the Tootsie Roll company for sending over the candy. He describes how it was so cold that the C-Rations froze, but that they were able to put the Tootsie Rolls in their parkas and soften them with their body heat. He halfheartedly jokes that Tootsie Rolls kept them alive.

Tags: Seoul,Wonsan,Fear,Food,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Physical destruction,Weapons

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