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Milton W. Walker


Milton Walker volunteered for the Marines in 1948 as an eighteen-year-old who had just graduated from high school.  He enlisted with his friends so as to avoid being drafted for the Army.  He arrived in Korea in August of 1950 and accompanied the Fire Brigade to Busan to set up a perimeter.  The two most difficult situations he experienced during the war were when his group was ambushed, his jeep blown up, and leaving the Chosin Reservoir.  After serving in the military for 4 years, Milton Walker raised his family and eventually joined the Chosin Few Organization to catch-up with former friends.

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Pusan Perimeter and Inchon Landing

Milton Walker describes his Marine regiment's participation in the securing of the Pusan Perimeter for thirty days in August of 1950. He explains that they were known as the Fire Brigade. After thirty days, they left Busan for Inchon and participated in the Inchon Landing.

Tags: 1950 Pusan Perimeter, 8/4-9/18,1950 Inchon Landing, 9/15-9/19,Busan,Incheon,Front lines

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Surviving the Chosin Reservoir and Multiple Attacks

Milton Walker explains that he drove a truck and jeep loaded with supplies for the troops throughout his time in the Korean War. He describes being told that he couldn't collect drinking water from the reservoir because they were surrounded by the Chinese and couldn't travel freely. He goes on to explain that the Chinese had blown up bridges and roads, prolonging efforts to get down the mountain until the Seabees and US engineers helped build temporary bridges.

Tags: 1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir, 11/27-12/13,Chinese,Front lines

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Interactions with the Locals

Milton W. Walker describes his interactions with the local Korean people during the war. He explains that despite the hardships the Korean people endured, they consistently showed their appreciation and gratitude for the American presence by waving American flags along the roadside as his convoy passed them. He goes on to explain that despite being told to limit their interactions, the troops helped the civilians when they could and the civilians helped them as well.

Tags: Civilians

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