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Marion Burdett


Marion Burdett was born on September 7, 1931 in Owensboro, Kentucky.  As a young man, he lived on a farm. Marion Burdett enlisted with the army after World War II and was stationed with the 1st Calvary Division in Japan for a year and half at the time that the Korean War started.  His unit one of the first to be sent over to Korea in June 1950.  Marion Burdett was a Field Artillery Operator and he blames his hearing loss on the thousands of rounds shot off during the Korean War.  After his discharge, Marion Burdett reenlisted with the army and was stationed in Germany for 3 years.

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The Forgotten War and Causes of PTSD

Marion Burdette felt that the Korean War is known as the "Forgotten War" because there was not a lot of publicity back on the homefront.
Also, many of the veterans didn't speak about the war when they returned back home. Since Marion Burdette shot thousands of rounds of artillery, he lost most of his hearing. He was also stationed in Northern Korea and he was almost caught as a POW. Due to his experiences on the front line, he has nightmares and PTSD.

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Post -War Readjustment

Marion Burdette was walking in front of his vehicle when multiple land mines killed Army soldiers in his regiment. After clearing the land mines in the area, he was able to set up the howitzer guns to engage in warfare. The impact of war on his life was that he felt that he needed to traveled the US to release his stress. He decided to reenlist in the Army for 3 years, but it was hard to readjust to life back in the United States.

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Enlisting in the United States Army

Marion Burdette's job in the Army was a Battle Commander's Traveler
He entered Korea from an L3T and then he stormed the beaches on June 27, 1950. Even as he arrived in Korea, he didn't know much about the country. In early June, he was sent to Yokohama, Japan to prepare for the invasion of Korea.

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