Korean War Legacy Project

Lucie Paus Falck


Lucie Paus Falck is a second-generation medical volunteer in Korea. She is the daughter of Bernard Paus, who helped organize the Norwegian Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (NORMASH). Bernard Paus prepared the field hospital to be open in July 1951. Imperialist Germany occupied Norway during WWII. Importantly, Bernard Paps volunteered for Korea to help. He did not want another nation occupied like Norway had during WWII. NORMASH was attached to the 8th Army. While NORMASH, established solely as a soldier hospital, their first patient was a thirteen-year-old Korean. Subsequently, Lucie Pau Falck’s service came after the war, helping impoverished civilians with the medical hospital created after the war with Scandanavian countries. In conclusion, Lucie Paus Falck has become active in the Norwegian-Korea Friendship Association established in 2009.