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Louis J. Weber


Louis J. Weber was drafted in 1951 to the US Army and attended basic training in Missouri for eight weeks.  He left for Korea in 1952 and was sent to Chorwon within the Iron Triangle.  As an infantryman, gunner, and driver of the 1/2 track, Weber was protected by a lot of men who were ready to give their lives for other soldiers.  Life within his bunker was dirty with rats running around, but he did receive hot food brought up to him.  Weber’s hearing was depleted due to the loud artillery barrage, but he continued to serve the US for twenty-eight years in the Air Force Reserves, Navy Reserves, and Army.

Video Clips

Chorwon and Battle of Triangle Hill

Louis J. Weber explains how he landed. in Inchon. He shares how he was sent to Chorwon, which was part of the Iron Triangle. He explains that he was an infantryman. He shares that his job was to protect his bunker while sending out artillery to fight the Chinese.

Tags: 1952 Battle of Triangle Hill, 10/14-11/25,Chinese,Fear,Front lines,Weapons

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Leaving the Rats Behind

Louis J. Weber describes being surrounded by rats while in his bunker eating. He explains how he continued his service with the US military as an Air Force reservist, Navy reservist, and Army soldier after the Korean War. He shares how he doesn't want to Korea due to the memories of friends that were lost.

Tags: 1952 Battle of Triangle Hill, 10/14-11/25,Depression,Food,Front lines,Living conditions

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