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Lorenzo R Loya


Lorenzo Loya, originally from San Antonio, Texas, enlisted in the military. He explains that he wasn’t doing well in school and decided the military was a better option. He served for three years, becoming a Staff Sergeant. Rather than going to Korea, he was stationed in Washington, DC as a guard. He describes his typical day as a guard. After leaving the Army, he did go back to school to get his high school diploma. Lorenzo Loya then served over thirty years as civilian civil servant.  He is very proud of his service as well as this country.

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Joining the Military

Lorenzo Loya explains that he joined the Army because he wasn’t doing very well in school. He served for three years, having been stationed at Fort Bliss and Washington D.C. He believes that his time in the military was a very good experience for him.

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Responsibilities as a Guard

Lorenzo Loya describes his duties while in Washington, D.C. He often was on guard duty with 6 or 7 other people. He states that he did very well in the service.

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