Korean War Legacy Project

Lisa Humphreys Hwaja Lee


Lisa Humphreys Hwaja Lee was married to Korean War veteran, James C. Humphreys, who was born in Dallas, Texas, and joined the U.S. Army in 1952 as a twenty-one-year-old. She shares that her husband served in a combat unit during the war and recalls him remembering the extremely cold temperatures during his time in Korea. She elaborates on her work as a member of the Korean American Wives Association, organizing cultural events and raising funds for various projects. She speaks of her efforts to erect a monument to Korean War veterans in Texas. She comments on her proposal for a student exchange between Korean and the United States as a means educating students about the Korean War and the legacy of their grandfathers who served during the war.

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Husband's Service in Korea

Lisa Lee discusses her husband's service during the Korean War. She shares he was twenty-one when he joined the US Army and served in a combat unit in Korea. She recalls him remembering how cold it was in Korea and adds that, despite the extreme temperatures, he enjoyed Korea.

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Monument Fundraising and Erection

Lisa Humphreys recalls her efforts to raise funds to erect a Korean War monument in Texas. She shares how she traveled to Korea to procure donations from a company there. She details how she secured an artist in Korea to design the monument and describes the monument's journey to Texas where it was erected in a prime location thanks to the city's land donation.

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